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Til the Last Breath
October 31, 2018
“I can do this all day.”  --Steve Rogers, Pre-Captain America transformation, as he proceeded to get pummeled in a Brooklyn alley.   We recently lost our son to Duchenne Muscular Dystr
Perspective and Goals in Simple Things
Perspective and Goals in Simple Things
September 10, 2018
Often, even the simplest and most tedious of tasks provide much-needed relief from 'the grind' of modern life, and provide us with a moment to reflect on what matters.  They also present
Establishing a Personal Baseline
August 27, 2018
I arrived, along with nearly fourteen-hundred of my new classmates, in Colorado Springs during the first week of July 1985 for Basic Cadet Training at the United States Air Force Academy...

What is your Vector?

Rising Above