Optimum Cruise–Avoiding the Sabre Dance in Flight and Life

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As a pilot, the scariest flight video I've ever watched is a slow speed F-100 doing a "Sabre Dance".  Slow and low to the ground, trying to land, with the wings teetering on a stall, often the pilot does not walk away alive.  A rare occurrence, but common and deadly enough to make any pilot respect the twenty feet above touchdown and the accompanying speed of a fighter aircraft. This dangerous phase of flight is partially due to what is known as the 'region of reverse command'.  It is a terrible place to fly, but almost as poor of a speed at which to run your business and life. In simple terms, an aircraft in the region of reverse command is flying so…
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19 December is Warthog Day

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Every day is someone's birthday.  Everyday is a milestone for certain individuals, companies and countries.  Just like your own heritage, for many of those milestones and birthdays, you are the only one who cares, and that is just fine.  Like your genealogy or high school graduation date, these things shouldn't matter to your neighbor, as they are your personal heritage, milestones and days of celebration.   Then again, there are some days worth celebrating at the neighborhood, state, national, or even world level.  Today is one of those days.  On this day in 1973, the Air Force approved the procurement of 52 A-10 Thunderbolt production aircraft, associated engines, and GAU-8A 30 mm gun systems. This followed a successful flight evaluation fly-off of the A-10 with the A-7D Corsair.  With this order, the purchase…
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Christmas Allergies

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Oaks Christmas 2015 As we step fully into the Christmas season, a certain number among us tense as they consider their impending reaction to so many things that are sure to surface during this time of year.  For them, New Year’s Day will bring with it a huge relief from the season.  Not because they got what they wanted for Christmas, or were able to buy their family members the perfect gifts, but because the shift away from Christmas celebrations marks the end to another irritating allergy season. Few are the individuals who do not suffer from some sort of allergy.  We have the pollen sufferers, those who cannot tolerate even the smell of nuts, and many others who must go through life avoiding some sort of otherwise normal part…
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Finding Your Value

Personal Value
For a teenager getting their first job, their value is easy to peg--less than minimum wage.  First jobs are paid internships, platforms to help develop work skills, habits, limited connections and a nascent resume. For the rest of the world with work experience, developed skills and training, value is often a difficult target. I retired from the Air Force over two years ago with what I thought were a large number of skills that Uncle Sam had helped me develop, but when it came time to find a job, I was unclear exactly where to apply those skills, and what my value was.  I was a trained pilot, who had held executive-level positions for many years.  I had managed multi-billion-dollar programs effectively.  As I stepped out in the world, however,…
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Influencing – One Text at a Time

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Even the simplest, routine actions can have the most lasting impacts on those around us, and even on ourselves. When my youngest daughter Emma was about 4, she went into this mode where she insisted that every door in the house had to be shut at all times.  We joked that you had to keep your hands away from the doors for fear of losing a finger.  When I commented to my wife that Emma had issues with doors, she overheard me and whispered to her mom, “I don’t have issue with doors.  I just like them all closed.”  As quirky as that sounds, we’ve found that her OCD determination has become a blessing for both her and those around her.  Daily. Emma received her first smart phone about 3…
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Easter—Eternal Hope Amidst Even The Darkest Despair

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On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb where they had lain Jesus’ body, hoping to care for the body and pay her final respects to Jesus of Nazareth, her now slain leader, spiritual teacher, and friend. She, along with so many of Jesus’ disciples were distraught at his crucifixion. She was unable to deal with the death of the most important person in her life—the person who offered her so much hope—and I’m sure could not understand how someone so good, teaching a message so inspiring could be gone so quickly. Finding the tomb empty, she ran in haste to let the disciples know that His body was missing, causing a few of them to…
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