Til the Last Breath

Excellence, Family, Hope, Individual Greatness, Leadership
“I can do this all day.”  --Steve Rogers, Pre-Captain America transformation, as he proceeded to get pummeled in a Brooklyn alley.   We recently lost our son to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy just prior to his twenty-fifth birthday.  Like all who are born with that disease, his muscles slowly failed, starting with his voluntary muscles, then lastly his involuntary muscles.  His heart finally pumped its last bit of blood on the 6thof October 2018, then quit.  But Andrew never did, not til his last breath. Andrew was 4 when he was first diagnosed.  We thought he just had flat feet, and wanted to get him some orthotics to help him walk like a normal little boy.  He was unable to really run, had a swaying gate that seemed to be compensating…
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Sources of Violence and Despair

Hope, Rule of Law, Value of Life
  The 50 cities listed above are in some of the most beautiful areas of the world.  Most of them are rich in some if not many natural resources.  They are surrounded by some of the most amazing views and environments in the world.  In their own way, they are also populated by many wonderful people.  What, then, would make them so violent?  Why would these areas be so much worse than so many other areas? I am not here to debate the facts or consider exactly what went into these rankings.  Change some of the criteria, and some of these cities will go up, down, or completely off these rankings.  What I am sure of, however, is that these…
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