Memorial Day–A Boy’s Favorite Christmas Present

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My father in law often spoke of his favorite Christmas gift ever--a box of shrapnel pieces from Army Air Force bombs. During World War II, the United States' industrial base kicked into high gear to supply bombs, bullets, aircraft, tanks, jeeps, ships, and GI helmets to the war front.  Aside from supplying basic wartime needs for the over twelve million US servicemen, the American factories supplied all of the above for British, Soviet and other allied forces to help defeat the Axis powers.  And it worked. In a steel mill in Pennsylvania, hot molten steel was formed into everything needed to win the war.  Part of that steel was formed into bomb bodies, weighing anywhere from one…
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Unexpected Heroism from a celebrity Hero–Eddie Rickenbacker

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Eddie Rickenbacker was America's Ace of Aces with 26 kills during World War I.  Despite his initial rejection into flight school because of his 8th grade education, Eddie eventually became the leading ace, Medal of Honor winner, darling of the Allied media, and commander of the 94th "Hat in the Ring" Squadron.  The world knows him for such heroics, but they were just expressions of who he really was--a quiet, every day over-achiever who never took himself too seriously or forgot his roots. Losing his father at 13, Eddie Rickenbacker instantly became the man of the house.  The third of 9 children, but the one who felt the responsibility most for his family, Eddie dropped out of…
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19 December is Warthog Day

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Every day is someone's birthday.  Everyday is a milestone for certain individuals, companies and countries.  Just like your own heritage, for many of those milestones and birthdays, you are the only one who cares, and that is just fine.  Like your genealogy or high school graduation date, these things shouldn't matter to your neighbor, as they are your personal heritage, milestones and days of celebration.   Then again, there are some days worth celebrating at the neighborhood, state, national, or even world level.  Today is one of those days.  On this day in 1973, the Air Force approved the procurement of 52 A-10 Thunderbolt production aircraft, associated engines, and GAU-8A 30 mm gun systems. This followed a successful flight evaluation fly-off of the A-10 with the A-7D Corsair.  With this order, the purchase…
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  In the drafts of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote the words “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  During the years leading up to the American Revolution, thinkers on both sides of the Atlantic considered the meaning of life, liberty, and property, but Jefferson and the drafters of the Declaration preferred “pursuit of happiness”. They understood marketing to the masses. These words were relatively new to so many people, conceptual at best, yet they caused an inner stir in the hearts of so many. Too many throw out the founding documents and critical thinking of the 18th Century with 21st Century perspective and historical ignorance. Many find it ironic that Thomas Jefferson and so many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence wrote words about freedom when they themselves ‘owned’…
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