My Mothers’ Day

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For nearly 60 years, my mom has been, well, a mom.  Such a simple title, but with it literally the weight, well-being, and direction of the world.  From the first mother, women have raised children to be good parents themselves, to shape families, neighborhoods and nations.  Mothers have provided guidance, love, basic care, discipline, allowance, sustenance, and so many more things.  All under the simple title of mom. My dad has risen to great worldly heights, carried many titles, been praised for so much of what has filled his life, and deservedly so.  But none of it would have been possible without the woman standing beside him who carried the simple titles of mother and wife.  She was the anchor that made his ambitions possible, his family life tenable, and…
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Beyond Training–The Heart of a Protector

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  Mass shootings are never simple.  Regardless of how simple determining a 'cause' may be, and how easily we are able to punish those at fault, no one wins.  Loved ones are still gone.  Lives are forever changed for the worse.  Justice and new procedures never right the wrongs, never make everything better.  Such will be the case in the Parkland, Florida shooting. In the wake of the mass shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the nation once again soul-searches for an answer to 'why' and how to stop future events like this.  Many are quick to point a finger at the first sign of failure.  We want to ban guns.  We want to crucify the FBI for their lack of action, to…
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Stripping Away the Titles–True Greatness

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Throughout his life, my dad has held many titles.  General, Fighter Pilot, Senior Vice President, President, Elder, Chairman, Instructor.  The list goes on and on.  His resume over the years looks almost like something made up to boost someone's ego and secure a high-paying job.  The consumate type A, he was ever-willing to do what was required for the mission at hand, to take charge, and to serve where needed.  His 'to do' list has always been longer than the day, and his ability to prioritize and tackle that list resulted in a successful career at many levels. Now, my dad is about to turn 82 (Happy Birthday Dad).  A stroke-like accident almost 5 years ago nearly killed him, and robbed…
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Dream Big–Then Act Bigger

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Lt Gen Marshall S. "Pat" Carter, US Army Dreams and goals are the foundation of all great things.  Without them, and the visionary leaders in government, industry, the military, education, and virtually every endeavor, we would all still be sitting in caves fighting over the next kill.  Often, however, leaders' lives don't turn out how they intended, but still hold great worth.  One such life was that of Army Lieutenant General Marshall S. Carter. Raised the son of the West Point Dean of Natural Philosophy during nearly the first third of the Twentieth Century, Marshall, or Pat as he was called, followed in his father's footsteps and attended West Point with the Class of '31, graduating during a sleepy time of American activity in the world.  General Carter attended MIT…
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Annual Vector Check

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I hate New Year's Resolutions.  They are so often a list of wishful thinking, of things we did not do last year that we want now to commit to doing in the dead of winter-- to lose weight, to work harder, get up earlier, save more money, or whatever shortcoming we find in our lives on December 31.  While none of those things are evil, and they may represent steps in the right direction, the approach is less than effective. Many goals focus on shortcomings instead of where we want to go, what we want to be, and the progress we made in the last year.  True, without goals, written goals, our chances of success in who we want to BECOME are slim,…
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Your 10 Steps for Holiday Cheer

Christmas, Excellence, Holiday
Your 10 Steps for Holiday Cheer      The Holiday Season is the time we are supposed to enjoy each other’s company, celebrate family, and do kind things for those around us. It’s the time we pay attention to the needs of others, look for ways to serve, and remember the finer points of humanity. Unfortunately, the material nature of gift-giving, the stress of the holiday rush, and the anticipation and act of spending time with family when we may have a strained relationship with them brings out the worst in many of us. Terms like “Monsters-in-Law”, “Evil stepmother”, “Spoiled Children”, and many others take on a new meaning during the most joyous time of the year. Holidays are awesome, but not without effort and stress. As you return home to…
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