Memorial Day–A Boy’s Favorite Christmas Present

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My father in law often spoke of his favorite Christmas gift ever--a box of shrapnel pieces from Army Air Force bombs. During World War II, the United States' industrial base kicked into high gear to supply bombs, bullets, aircraft, tanks, jeeps, ships, and GI helmets to the war front.  Aside from supplying basic wartime needs for the over twelve million US servicemen, the American factories supplied all of the above for British, Soviet and other allied forces to help defeat the Axis powers.  And it worked. In a steel mill in Pennsylvania, hot molten steel was formed into everything needed to win the war.  Part of that steel was formed into bomb bodies, weighing anywhere from one…
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Holy Vector–The Guiding Star of That Holy Night

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Over two millennia ago, a young child was born to a poor carpenter and his young wife.  Born in a stable with the animals, there were no royal trappings around the babe that would come to be known as the Son of God, the King of Kings.  Of humble birth, normal upbringing, and secluded family life in an obscure town of a captive nation, no other birth has received so much recognition as His.  Wise Men from afar who had studied ancient writings and prophecies searched for the young king to worship him and bring him gifts.  Jealous kings sought Him to end the threat to their own power.  Prophets for centuries before His birth predicted His coming and what it would mean…
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Ronald Reagan’s First Presidential Christmas Message

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What I loved about Reagan was not so much his political philosophy, even though I did follow most of his thinking.  What made him great to me was  his overarching view of the brotherhood of man and the goodness within us all.  He poked fun more at himself than anyone else, was quick to smile and I have yet to find a quote where he shamed another.  He had firm beliefs, and fought for them, but not at the expense of his goodness and manners.  This message exemplifies how he spoke as he considered a day very important to him and all of Christendom, bringing out not a divisive message but one of hope, regardless of your faith.…
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Christmas Allergies

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Oaks Christmas 2015 As we step fully into the Christmas season, a certain number among us tense as they consider their impending reaction to so many things that are sure to surface during this time of year.  For them, New Year’s Day will bring with it a huge relief from the season.  Not because they got what they wanted for Christmas, or were able to buy their family members the perfect gifts, but because the shift away from Christmas celebrations marks the end to another irritating allergy season. Few are the individuals who do not suffer from some sort of allergy.  We have the pollen sufferers, those who cannot tolerate even the smell of nuts, and many others who must go through life avoiding some sort of otherwise normal part…
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Your 10 Steps for Holiday Cheer

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Your 10 Steps for Holiday Cheer      The Holiday Season is the time we are supposed to enjoy each other’s company, celebrate family, and do kind things for those around us. It’s the time we pay attention to the needs of others, look for ways to serve, and remember the finer points of humanity. Unfortunately, the material nature of gift-giving, the stress of the holiday rush, and the anticipation and act of spending time with family when we may have a strained relationship with them brings out the worst in many of us. Terms like “Monsters-in-Law”, “Evil stepmother”, “Spoiled Children”, and many others take on a new meaning during the most joyous time of the year. Holidays are awesome, but not without effort and stress. As you return home to…
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