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As an Air Force pilot and officer, I fell in love with flying.  More importantly, however, I fell in love with leadership, with helping others determine their own course in life and make that match with those around them in a meaningful way.  The Air Force taught me how to problem solve, how to make do with what I have, and to enjoy wherever I was.  I’ve managed multi-billion dollar programs, commanded some fantastic organizations, but also handled many an unglamorous job, learning to enjoy them all in some way.  My life goal is to help individuals and organizations ensure their vector matches what they see as their victory.
A 1991 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, I had the honor of serving for nearly twenty five years in nearly every state and on six continents as a pilot, officer, commander, and observer of some heroic people both in and out of the military.  I’ve commanded small units (four people), combat deployed units (the 75th Fighter Squadron), and relatively large units (the 450 personnel and four squadrons, two airfields and two training ranges) of the 23rd Fighter Group.
In addition to being part of six operational, combat-coded organizations, I spend two years in the Pentagon where I learned how to write concisely, speak clearly, and save passion for the things that really mattered to the Air Force and our nation. Additionally, I spent two years at Nellis Air Force Base operating the world’s busiest military training airfield and managing the Air Force’s premier training programs.
I was blessed with some great leaders, some not so great leaders, and some amazing co-workers and opportunities that helped me figure out who I was, where I fit, and what really matters.  I’ve flown fifteen different types of aircraft and over forty-six hundred hours as a pilot, most of it military flight time, mainly in the A-10A/C, C-130E and C-17A.
Since leaving the Air Force, I’ve been able to learn more about the business world, and spend time with my family that I missed for nearly twenty five years.
I offer organizational consulting, ‘vector checks’ for individuals and organizations, leadership consulting, and problem solving. I do this in the form of one on one sessions, group off-sites and team discussions, and program management consulting.  Schools are given a higher priority.