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Easter: Wiping the Slate Clean

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I’ve often heard the argument of living a life without regrets, not worrying about our past and asking others to accept us and our actions and move on. The counter is a life of trying to right every previous wrong, sorrow for past mistakes and where they have led us. Both approaches are partial truths and partial answers to what really helps us find happiness, but none of it works without help from a key source.

Not only is it not possible to change previous poor decisions, but it is not necessary. Those bad decisions, even those that changed the trajectory of our lives in a negative way, can be wiped clean and remembered no more. Our eternal happiness is not dependent on the past, not dependent on things we may have done or not done, but dependent on what we do and choose going forward.

Nearly two millennium ago, the miracle of miracles took place, where a Man, the literal Son of God, raised himself from death. But the greater part of that miracle is where he freely gave us the same power over death. Not only the physical death of our bodies, but the death of our spirits.

We stand where we stand right now because of the good and bad decisions that each of us had made. Indeed, a large part of where we each find ourselves is the result of the actions and decisions of our ancestors. Any long-term, negative consequences of those decisions may be wiped clean because of the selfless and miraculous act of that amazing Galilean. His life He freely gave so that every day for us could be a new beginning, every life can find happiness both here and eternally. 

I love other faiths, other efforts to find happiness and meaning in life. Each can bring a person closer to their better self, and give meaning to their actions. They all recognize a reliance on a creator. For me, however, the only clear message that offers happiness of redemption, an enduring life and a purpose for both this life and the one to come is the message of Easter, the message of Christ’s superiority over death, and His payment for all the pains and sins of the world.

Our heritage and previous poor decisions determine where we now sit, and we are often stuck with the consequences of those decisions. But they need not define us. They need not hold us back from how far and how we go going forward. He made sure of that.

He lives. He loves. And so may we because of Him. There is no greater message on Earth than the one that tells us that “His grace is sufficient.”
Happy Easter.

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