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Take Guns Out of the Gun Debate

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For anyone who considers the gun control debate, and where the responsibility lies for personal and familial protection, read the attached article.  The author is a long-time friend of mine, and he captures a key emotion of many. I never wanted to be a soldier or policeman, and I definitely never dream of using any type of weapon to protect myself or my loved ones. But the thought of being unable to do so really bothers me. We hear discussions of ‘having to do something’ to protect our families in the wake of each shooting event, and for me and I think many others the inability to do anything personally is really bothersome. I don’t leave my bills to another. I don’t want others to raise my kids. And I certainly don’t want to leave my safety and the safety of my loved ones to others. Part of why I wore a uniform for nearly 30 years was because I couldn’t stand the idea of not participating in my own freedoms.

I love so many who wear the various uniforms of the police.  I love so many who have served and serve in the armed forces.  But they can’t be everywhere, and can’t do everything for my safety.  I have to be an active participant if ever needed.  The argument is not simply about a firearm.  It is at the heart of how a freedom-loving society works.  It is about why it works.  And to grasp freedom, you have to be fully willing to participate in its maintenance.  Even in the ugly roles that it requires.

Eleven Minutes by Kit Bobko


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