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Holy Vector–The Guiding Star of That Holy Night

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Star Over Bethlehem

Over two millennia ago, a young child was born to a poor carpenter and his young wife.  Born in a stable with the animals, there were no royal trappings around the babe that would come to be known as the Son of God, the King of Kings.  Of humble birth, normal upbringing, and secluded family life in an obscure town of a captive nation, no other birth has received so much recognition as His.  Wise Men from afar who had studied ancient writings and prophecies searched for the young king to worship him and bring him gifts.  Jealous kings sought Him to end the threat to their own power.  Prophets for centuries before His birth predicted His coming and what it would mean to all the followers of God.  And seekers of truth the world over continue to seek Him.  His humility did not deter Him from claiming His divine Kinship, or the power that He alone could wield in life and in death.  His followers loved him, but did not understand Him or His complete mission.  His detractors only feared his popularity among the masses.  And even today, His life is one of controversy and disputation.

One thing is sure–Jesus Christ changed the course of humanity, despite never leading an army, never claiming an earthly throne.  The star that surprised so many and led so many to drop what they were doing over two thousand years ago was merely a symbol of where to look.  That King was not a king who sought glory or gold, but a king who brought individual peace, individual understanding, and a promise of eternal peace.  Believe His teachings or not, those teachings–not the star–have proven to be a guide for anyone who will follow them.  Whether or not you believe His claims to be the Son of God and the author of our salvation, it is impossible to question His guidance on how to treat our fellow men, and how to live a purpose-driven life.  His message that we are all literally offspring of God, that there is greatness in all of us, that happiness comes through kindness, love and compassion, cannot fail to bring greater happiness in your life.  Even if you don’t believe in an afterlife, in the power of salvation or resurrection, or espouse a totally different faith, I recommend a study of the teachings of that poor carpenter who caused such a stir, starting with his birth so many years ago.

Believers and non-believers alike, have a wonderful Christmas season, and look to the ultimate vector to find the happiness that each of you deserve.  Merry Christmas.




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