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As we step fully into the Christmas season, a certain number among us tense as they consider their impending reaction to so many things that are sure to surface during this time of year.  For them, New Year’s Day will bring with it a huge relief from the season.  Not because they got what they wanted for Christmas, or were able to buy their family members the perfect gifts, but because the shift away from Christmas celebrations marks the end to another irritating allergy season.

Few are the individuals who do not suffer from some sort of allergy.  We have the pollen sufferers, those who cannot tolerate even the smell of nuts, and many others who must go through life avoiding some sort of otherwise normal part of the environment.  The most recent allergic substance, religion, is proving to be the vilest and most irritating to a small portion of our society.  And Christmas is when so much of the rest of our society ignores this allergic sensitivity and places mangers, trees, and angels in plain view of society.

Those afflicted with religious allergies have numerous painful symptoms to deal with.  The mere sight of a nativity scene can cause them to have flashbacks to a childhood of broken dreams or horrible midnight masses listening to some old priest ramble on in Latin.  These poor sufferers, already forced to see church buildings around the country, are forced into convulsions at the sight of Christmas carolers pretending to pass on joy through song.  And a simple saying such as, “Merry Christmas” is enough to raise their blood pressure to unsafe levels.

Thus far, the only proposed course of action for this Christmas allergy is for a ban on any display of Christmas cheer or devotion by others.  But I have a better idea—immunotherapy.  Myself a regular sufferer from pollen, I have experienced first-hand the benefits of small doses of pollen to raise my physical tolerance to it.  For pollen, the method of therapy was regular shots of what I was allergic to, gradually raising my tolerance level so as to allow me to live more normally among the beauties associated with pollen.  The same should work for the Christmas allergy.  Small doses of religion and Christmas cheer on a regular basis should reduce the sufferers’ hyper-sensitivity to Christmas, and bring their bodies and minds more in line with those of normal tolerance levels.  Christmas music, an occasional reading of Luke 2, and even a simple “Merry Christmas” should eventually relieve those with Christmas allergies of the negative effects of immune-hypersensitivity.  With time, they may even be able to enjoy the beauty associated with Christmas.

The rest of us who understand the travails of enduring some sort of allergic reaction can help those with Christmas allergies by speaking more softly when we say “Merry Christmas,” giving an occasional plate of angel-shaped cookies, and sending a holiday gift involving more thought than a Wal-Mart gift certificate.  We can exemplify the true beauty of Christmas as we wait in lines and drive to get that last-minute gift.

Just as spring is beautiful to many and painful to others, Christmas is a beautiful time of year for most, but painful for others.  Let us pray (carefully, and of course in private) that we can wipe out this hyper-sensitivity to the celebration of Peace on Earth.

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